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The Light-Life® Harmonisers are designed and reported to clean the environment (including air, water, and soil) without the use of chemicals, and create a harmonious field around them. Each Harmoniser is a combination of rings and a coil shaped into a 3-dimensional sphere that creates a unique, continuous flow of energy. Research has shown that they emit a Life Field (L-field) that has a positive output.

To the clairvoyant, the Harmonisers appear to emit a coherent holographic light field, which increases the vibrational frequency of the nearby energy, cleaning the environment and your personal energy field. All of the Harmonisers appear to have the unique property of generating a harmonious field around them, cleaning up air pollution, encouraging plant growth, and raising consciousness

The Harmonisers are produced in three sizes: personal, environmental and agricultural. They are plated in a series of alternating layers of gold and silver, the two versions ending with either gold or silver on the outer layer.



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