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Environmental Harmoniser – silver/gold plated, outer layer 24K gold

£ 421.11 each

Copper, alternating layers of silver and gold plating (total 8 layers), the outer layer 24K gold.

Environmental Clearing CD and a ½ Sacred Cubit Light-Life® Ring with one bead.
Place Harmonizer in ring to shut down its range.

This Harmonizer has an energy field radius of 100 feet, or 15 miles when activated with the included Environmental Clearing CD.

It measures about 2” (5 cm) high by 2” (5 cm) wide and is designed and reported to:

• Improve overall health and well-being
• Create harmony in yourself and your environment
• Reduce negative effects of the Hartmann Grid and Geopathic Stress
• Enhance positive intentions
• Increase intuitive abilities
• Ease agitation in autistic children
• Positive affect you and people in your vicinity
• Bring environment into a state of harmony
• Clean air pollution
• Enhance plant growth without pesticide use
• Reduce storm severity
• Reduce harmful effects of chemtrails
• Divert storms including tornadoes and hurricanes
• Increase size and quality of crops and quality