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Light Life Ring - one sacred cubit, sterling silver

£ 143.75 each

A great tool for reducing pain/discomfort in you and your pets.

This ring measures about 6½” (16 cm) in diameter and is designed and reported to:

• Blocks negative life force energy and puts in positive life force energy
• Improve overall health and well-being
• Potentize water
• Super-potentize water, when used in combination for 24 hours with a Light-Life® Acu-Vac Coil hooked onto a Light-Life® Feedback Loop
• Enhance taste of water and food
• Energize water and food and keep it fresher longer
• Make healing sessions more effective
• Assist in healing broken bones
• Help best with physical issues
• Support relief of emotional and physical issues when used in combination with Lost Cubit Light-Life Rings
• Remove pain and/or support healing for cats, dogs, or any other household pet
• Keep supplements, essential and other oils fresher longer by increasing their life energy (do not use with homeopathic remedies, because it may change their potency)
• Protect against harmful EMFs to decrease premature aging at a cellular level
• Neutralize harmful EMFs when placed over computer, computer monitor, cell phone, TV, smart meter, or any other electric device
• Reduce the effects of jet lag
• Relieve stomach irritation